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Northern Mono County is a Sportsman Paradise and so much more! Picturesquely situated at the northern end of Mono County, nature here has given plentifully of her rarest treasures to the small towns of Walker, Coleville and Topaz.

Topaz Lake boasts a 24 hour casino, a nine month fishing season and camping under the stars.

The beautiful ranch towns of Coleville and Walker offer hikers, cyclists, joggers, horseback riders, and off road adventurers plenty of space to experience nature at its best. There is a variety of 1940s style motor courts, cabins and RV space nearby for one or more overnight stay while you enjoy the outdoor activities in the area. Restaurants are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We Love Fishing!
For the angler, the West Walker River flows through a canyon cut in the surrounding volcanic rocks where Highway 395 shares the canyon with the river; the easy access afforded by the paved highway makes this stretch of the river a popular spot to catch the 'big one'. The scenic beauty is a paradise to the lover of the outdoors.

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